Edi­ti­on print for the Leo­pold Muse­um Vienna

For the Leo­pold Muse­um in Vien­na we crea­ted a limi­ted edi­ti­on print of a work by the Aus­tri­an artist Con­stan­tin Luser. The ent­i­re pro­duc­tion inclu­des fac­to­ry pho­to­gra­phy and facsi­mi­le print.

The Leo­pold Muse­um is the lar­gest cul­tu­ral magnet of the Muse­ums Quar­ter in Vien­na. The muse­um houses the lar­gest and most important Egon Schie­le collec­tion in the world. Major works by Gus­tav Klimt, Oskar Kokosch­ka, Richard Gerstl and Kolo­man Moser are also be shown.

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