Retou­ch­ing / Image Editing

What the human eye does not necessa­ri­ly see is still cap­tu­red by the came­ra when taking pic­tures. For examp­le, almost every pho­to shoot, whe­ther pro­duct pho­to­gra­phy or por­trait, requi­res a retouching.

Espe­cial­ly with small objects, every small scratch or impu­ri­ty is visi­ble in the pho­to. We offer high-qua­li­ty digi­tal image pro­ces­sing that inclu­des con­trast, color, and sharpness cor­rec­tions. The came­ra errors are remo­ved, small details are cor­rec­ted, sur­faces are pro­ces­sed again. On request is also a more in-depth retou­ch­ing — an image pro­ces­sing in which the repla­ce­ment or remo­val of ent­i­re parts of the image is car­ri­ed out. Ever­ything accord­ing to our mot­to – a good retou­ch­ing is an unre­co­gniz­ab­le retouching.

Refe­ren­ces from the field of retou­ch­ing / image processing:

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