Pho­to­graph of the recon­struc­tion plans of the Aus­tri­an Par­lia­ment building

During 2014, more than 1500 plans by archi­tects Fel­le­rer and Woer­le were digi­ti­zed. The­se plans inclu­de the com­ple­te recon­struc­tion of the are­as of the Par­lia­ment buil­ding in Vien­na, which were des­troy­ed in the Second World War.

The plans from 1946 to 1955 con­sist exclu­si­ve­ly of silk paper and aqua­fix paper.

Due to the fra­gi­le and trans­pa­rent tem­pla­tes, it was lar­ge­ly dust-free to work. Remai­ning dust par­ti­cles were remo­ved in post-processing.

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