High-qua­li­ty art prints for medi­cal prac­ti­ce “Spi­ne & Specialists”

High qua­li­ty art prints for medi­cal prac­ti­ce “Spi­ne & Spe­cia­lists”. As part of our new coope­ra­ti­on offer for artists, we have rea­li­zed the first pro­ject with the artist Timo­thy Hodor and equip­ped the con­sul­ting rooms with high-qua­li­ty can­vas prints.

Six works were prin­ted on can­vas, var­nis­hed by hand and stret­ched on stret­cher frames.

Timo­thy Hodor lives and works in Vienna.

The doc­tors Dr. Wink­ler and Dr. DI Rien­mül­ler are experts in high­ly spe­cia­li­zed spi­nal medicine.

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